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The TASO Football Portal for 2019 New Member and Renewing member applications is now open.
To complete the application go to the TASO Home Page and click on the MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL / NEW APPLICANTS link in the upper right.

A $25 late fee will be added after April 23, 2019.+

Sub-Varsity Assignments (Posted 07/04/2019)

Important-   Please read carefully regarding sub-varsity assignments

July 22nd        

Board members, Division Reps and Assignors may submit requests for Sub-Varsity games beginning at   6PM. This should only be for themselves, unless they are part of a Thursday country crew.


July 29th        

Only Thursday country crews (working games 30 miles outside of San Antonio City limits) and Mentors/Mentees are allowed to submit for games.  Submission time is 6PM. Mentors can request to work a maximum of four games with their mentees over the course of the season.  Ideally, these games would be spread out over the course of the season to evaluate their progress. Additionally, only mentors/mentees are allowed to submit, no additional officials will be added at this time, as they must wait to submit on July 31st.


July 31st     

All other Sub-Varsity requests may be submitted starting at 6PM.
Please note the submission times for all 3 dates. Any requests received prior to the 6PM start time on these dates will be moved to the bottom of the list by each of the day assignors.










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