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New Member Registration

Congratulations on your choice to become part of the "Third Team" on the field, and the San Antonio Football Chapter of TASO Officials!

Once you've paid your TASO dues and have received your TASO ID #, you may pay your $25 chapter dues by one of two methods...

     1.  You may send a check or money order to the Chapter Treasurer, Brock Pittman, at the address listed in Arbiter.  If you don't have 

          access to Arbiter yet, please get the information from one of the New Member team members.

     2.  You may pay via the PayPal button below.

Once your TASO and chapter dues are paid, someone from the New Member Team will contact you with further instructions.  If you have other questions, you may contact one of them directly at the link below.

Real Back Judge!
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