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Film Review Committee Chairman
Austin Wright

Film Review Process

The Procedures for the Film Review Committee (hereafter called Committee) and response to Coaches is as follows... 

The Film Review Committee Chairman (hereafter called Chairman) will appoint no more than 5 additional Committee members to assist in film review and formulation of responses to Coaches.

Coaches must submit film and also email the Chairman a form indicating game, date, location, play numbers, and specific questions and/or concerns. Film received from Coaches absent of this form will NOT be evaluated. (Coaches should limit their submission to no more than 5 substantive plays.)

Upon receiving the Coach's form and film, the Chairman will question the Crew Chief (Referee) for the crew involved and seek his input. The Chairman will share the plays and form with the Committee and requests their inputs NLT 48 hours from receipt. A potential group conference call may be initiated to facilitate timely inputs.

The Chairman will author a reply to the Coaches after consultation with the Committee and the Crew Chief (Referee) for the crew in question NLT 72 hours from receipt of film and form.

The Chairman will provide an email reply to the Coaches with a courtesy copy to the President, Vice President, and Secretary of the TASO San Antonio Football Chapter.


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