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Coaches Picks and Game Ranking Process Information

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Game and Crew Ranking Process for Game Assignments

The San Antonio Football Chapter has made a change in the process in how officials are selected to officiate games.

At our previous San Antonio Chapter Spring Meeting held on April 22, 2019,  the San Antonio Football Chapter General Membership overwhelmingly voted to change our “Picks Process” as it relates to Policy 6.3 and 6.4. A General Membership vote was required as this Selection Process is written in as part of our Chapter Policies.

Policy 6.3 will now read as follows:

ARTICLE 3: Prior to the selections, the Chapter will provide a ranking to ALL schools at the 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A and all TAPPS levels that have requested officials from the Chapter. The ranking of each team will be combined to provide a Game Total. Coaches will pick in order from the highest Game Total down. This process will be conducted to rank each Team as follows:

       a. Each Team starts with points based on a Classification and Divisional               total.  Each Classification is assigned a point value. TAPPS Schools will               be placed in the ranking by enrollment.

           6A=11, 5A D1= 10, 5A D2 = 9, 4A D1 = 8, 4A D2 = 7, 3A-D1=6, 3A-DII=5

       b. The total wins from the previous 3 seasons will be added to the       

           Classification total to provide a Team Total.

       c. The competing schools Team Totals will be combined to provide a     

           Game Total.


       d. If there is a delta between the Team Totals, it will be subtracted from

           the Game Total to provide an Adjusted Game Total.


       e. Coaches will pick in order, beginning with the highest Adjusted Game

           Total. In the event of a tie in Adjusted Game Total, the team with the

           highest delta will be given the higher pick.

The Chapter Secretary will certify the ranking and provide each Head Coach with their prospective pick order. The Chapter Secretary will also keep this information on file and will make it available upon request.


At the conclusion of the 2019 season, the San Antonio Chapter membership voted to change how crews/officials are assigned to varsity games.  Approved crews will be ranked in one of three tiers, and the Secrectary, with approval from the Board of Directors will assign crews to varsity games each week based on the tier ranking of the crew consistent with the ranking of the game as noted above.

Though there is no longer Coaches Picks, coaches can still provide input and will be asked to submit a listing of their top five crews for consideration during assignments.  Finally, coaches will still have the ability to scratch certain crews/officials.   Please contact the Secretary for further information on the scratch process, as well as to pass on any special requests.


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