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A Note Regarding Crews of 7 Officials

The need for 7-Official Crews increasingly grows more apparent each year. The game of football has evolved throughout the years and it is time that the officiating crew concept on the field evolve as well.  The 7-Official Crew concept has become a staple of just about every Chapter in the State of Texas and the San Antonio Chapter is committed to this improved capability.

The San Antonio Chapter will continue to provide you the opportunity to use 7-Official Crews for all of your Varsity Football games and this option will be available to you on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Each Member of these crews is required to attend extensive training (which has already begun this off-season) and will in turn work together as a cohesive unit throughout the regular and post-season.


By adding the 2 additional positions (Side Judge and Field Judge), a crew of seven will provide you more consistent area coverage resulting in:

- Better detection and enforcement of rules, which are designed to protect the safety of your players

- Better detection of rules infractions, which would otherwise give one team an unfair advantage

- Better side line control

- Improved preventative officiating

- Improved dead ball and back side officiating

- Improved communication

- Improved game management

Coaches can request 7-official crews through the Varsity Assigner and will be able to choose game officials from either the…

▪ 7-Official Crew List,

▪ 5-Official Crew List, or

▪ Form a crew from the Independent Officials List.

As in previous seasons, you will still have in the neighborhood of 35-40 crews to select from. This being said, a 7-Official Crew WILL NOT be broken up and MUST be selected as a unit of “7”. Once all available 7-Official Crews have been selected, you will be afforded the opportunity to select one of the remaining 5-Official Crews and request a SJ and FJ to be added to your pick (as was done in prior seasons).

The San Antonio Chapter is committed to providing you a consistent and better on-field product and we do anticipate that this 7-Official Crew initiative will expand in coming seasons.


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