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A core belief of the San Antonio Football Chapter is that to improve officiating, you must improve officials. Toward that end, the San Antonio Football Chapter provides its members with a variety of educational and training resources, to include:  

Clinics, Position Training, Rules Tests, Videos and Documentation.

Education and continual training are the key to being successful on the field.

Our training programs continue to emphasize all aspects of development that are critical to successful officiating. Special emphasis is placed on consistency, physical conditioning, professionalism, high ethical standards and effective communication. Crews are encouraged to make training a year round program that includes off season review and preparation for the upcoming season.  

Any Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO) Member may take part in any of the Clinics (listed under the Clinics link) that the San Antonio Football Chapter hosts.  

TASO Football Training Webinars

TASO Football is pleased to announce our Virtual Training Series, beginning Tuesday, June 22 at 7:00 pm.
The Virtual Training Series will continue every Tuesday evening through August 24, so mark your calendars now and keep an eye on your email for registration information.
Here is a list of the Training Series webinar topics:

June 22, Rare Play Situations and Enforcements
June 29, Pass Interference, Offense and defense
July 6, Communication with Coaches
July 13, Scrimmage Kick Mechanics, Crews of 3‑7
July 20, Intentional Grounding and Pass vs. Fumble
July 27, Six‑Player Football
*July 31, virtual TASO annual state meeting*

August 3, Targeting, Flagrant vs. Non‑Flagrant
August 10, Annual Meeting Follow‑up
August 17, How To Review Game Video
August 24, TASO Football Philosophies

1.  Please check your email  as TASO will send an email blast prior to each session with the webinar topic and registration instructions. 
2.  Each webinar will start at 7 pm.
3.  These are recorded.  To watch them once they are completed, log into your TASO portal and scroll down to the bottom right of your desktop and click on "Optional Training."  You will find the completed sessions there (you must have a video player installed on your computer or device to watch them). 

                                                       If you have any questions, email them to 


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