1.  2020 Points Sheet and Conflict of Interest (COI) certification

Please verify your points before submitting your points sheet to your Div Rep.   You can verify your game totals in Arbiter, and your education/training points via your TASO portal.


The Secretary, working together with the Division Reps has made a concerted effort to capture the composite 2020 season points in order to update your Arbiter profiles with your total lifetime points and Division classification (as of the end of the 2020 season).

Please login to your Arbiter account to review your updated lifetime points and division classification.  If you find any of this information incorrect, please contact your division rep.  

NOTE:  This update was not completed for Division 1 members.  (Please contact D1 Rep Fred Juarez with your 2020 season points if you desire to have your points updated at TASO and in your Arbiter profile.) 
Please keep in mind that your 2020 season points are based on the game assignments listed in your San Antonio Chapter Arbiter profiles.  If you desire to report game assignment credits for any college assignments or from other TASO football chapters (as a DUAL CHAPTER member), please obtain these assignments from the college assigner and/or DUAL CHAPTER secretary and forward to your Division Rep and Chapter Secretary ASAP.  

The Secretary will be submitting the chapter’s 2020 Season Points summary report to TASO on Sunday, February 28.


The 2020 points sheet can be found on either the TASO portal or here on our site, under Forms in the Officials section, which is where the COI certification can also be found.

** Please ensure to complete the COI certification and return it to your Division Rep.

Division Representatives

D1 - Fred Juarez

D2 - Chris White

D3 - Ken Brown

D4 - Sherry Braun

D5 - Travis Quillin

2.  Purging 2020 season data from Arbiter

On February 28, all 2020 game info will be purged from Arbiter so that we may begin loading games for the 2021 season.  Once purged, it cannot be retrieved, so please make sure you save a copy of your 2020 schedule.  

You can do this by going to your schedule in Arbiter, then under "Reports" in the upper, left hand corner, click on "Schedule"

You will be taken to a page that is titled "Print Schedule".  You can then download various formats of you schedule, to include PDF and Excel.  Just make sure to enter the dates that will include all games...recommend you put 7/1/2020 for the start date, and 1/30/2021 for ending date (especially for those who worked games into January of this year).




1.  TASO and local dues

You may renew both your TASO and local dues.

Renew your TASO Football membership dues here:
Renew your San Antonio Football Chapter dues here:


You can also find that link in the Officials area.  Under the "Important Links" section, click on the "Chapter Annual Dues" button.  From there, you will have the option of paying via PayPal or check/cash/money order.

2.  2021 Conflict of Interest (COI) Certification
Pursuant to TASO Football Division Operating Procedures, members are required to submit in writing any potential Conflicts of Interest (COI) prior to any game assignments.  The COI certification form are available in our chapter website or your Arbiter main page.


3.  2021 Crew Formation Application
If you are interested in forming a new 5-man or 7-man crew in 2021 or reforming your 2020 crew, please download and submit ASAP the required 2021 Crew Formation Application (available in our chapter website or your Arbiter main page).


4.  Spring Meeting/Clinics/State Meeting

At this time, the Chapter fully intends on having an in-person Spring meeting for the chapter. However, impacts and considerations from the ongoing pandemic remain unseen, so there is the possibility that we conduct a virtual Spring meeting.

TASO also intends on hosting in-person on-field and regional rules clinics, as well as an in-person State Meeting.  Again, there is the possibility those may not happen, and the State Meeting will have to be held electronically, as in 2020.  Regardless, the Chapter has submitted applications to TASO to host both our Beau Hicks Memorial On-Field Clinic and the regional rules clinic.

Both TASO and the chapter will provide timely updates as information becomes available.

For security reasons, all Zoom meeting links are located in the Members Section.  Please log-in there to see them.

Also, for any Zoom meeting, an email blast is sent to all members via Arbiter with the Zoom links.  If you do not receive this email, please contact your Div Rep ASAP so they can help rectify the problem (we are finding issues with some email addresses in Arbiter).



Due to various federal, state and local orders/guidance, including from UIL, TAPPS and TASO, regarding the coronavirus pandemic, there could be many changes to the 2021 schedule of events, including games and TASO/chapter events.

We will be sure to post updates as soon as we hear about them.  

Other important updates and events:

1.  Please reference the emails sent out via Arbiter for ongoing training events.  If you have any questions, please contact your Division Representative.

The Young Guns Program is offering ongoing Zoom training which is beneficial for officials of all levels.  Please check your email for these dates/times.  Go to the Education tab (link below) for further training information, including the Young Guns program, led by Eric Smith.

*** The Official's section will have the actual links to chapter Zoom meetings. ***

 *** If you are not receiving emails via Arbiter regarding these dates and links, please contact your Division Rep to ensure you receive Arbiter blast emails. ***

2.  As we move into the 2021 season, if anyone has concerns about being on the field, whether from a personal or professional perspective, please notify your crew chief and/or Division Representative.  We understand the concerns and risks associated with the virus and the decision of individuals to officiate football, and respect the decision of anyone to recuse themselves from officiating. Officiating is an at-risk activity, and while UIL, TASO and chapters across the state will continue to advocate for and provide information, the ultimate decision to officiate and your individual safety are up to you.  This could include wearing masks, gloves, travel arrangements, using your own water source, towels and/or using an electronic whistle...these are but just a few examples, but bottom-line is your safety is in your hands.

Other important updates will be sent out via Arbiter and posted on this website.

  • For UIL updates, please go to:  


  • For TAPPS updates, please go to:  

  • For TASO updates, please go to:  

We encourage everyone to follow applicable health practices/guidelines, and we hope everyone remains safe and healthy during these challenging times.

If you have questions, please contact your Division Rep.

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