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Join us as we prepare for the 2023 season!

"There is no season like the off-season!"

Even as we begin the 2022 play-off season, the 2023 season is right around the corner and if you aren't already preparing, you are behind the curve...the foundation you build now is the cornerstone for success next fall!

Please see the "Officials" area for further info on 2022 play-off games and assignments.

The following are important milestones as we close out 2022 and prepare for 2023:

1.  Pay your 2023 San Antonio Chapter Dues!
You may now pay your 2023 local chapter dues!

Scroll down on this page for the links to pay your dues.
Or you may go to the "Officials" area and click on the "Chapter Annual Member Dues" button to pay your 2023 local dues.
NOTE:  The early registration date of 1 March, 2023 for paying both TASO and local dues.  After 1 March, you must pay the late registration amounts. 
And please note that as of 2 March, late local dues cannot be refunded.


2.  Close out your 2022 paperwork

** Please see below for further info on points sheets and other paperwork **

As we close out the 2022 season, remember that you MUST have your 2022 points sheet to your Division Rep by 31 December!

This also includes completing a Conflict of Interest (COI) Certification for next season.

Failure to turn in your points sheet by this date will mean you will not receive credit for any points accumulated in the 2022 season.

NOTE:  For those who work college games, you must include a copy of your official schedule with your points sheet so that you receive credit for those games.


3.  Pay your 2023 TASO dues
*** NOTE:  TASO dues for 2023 cannot be paid at this time.  The opportunity to pay your TASO dues should be around 1 January, 2023.  Both TASO and the chapter will send out a note when you may do that.  ***


4. CFO membership
As a TASO member, don't forget that you receive an 80% discount toward a College Football Officiating (CFO) membership.   You do not have to be a CFO official to enjoy the benefits of this membership...TASO members will receive full access to this leading rules and training site featuring video reviews, quizzes, bulletin updates and a searchable rules book.
To register:
Simply visit and click the registration tab in the ribbon across the top of the page.  Once there, click the second box labeled “International, Massachusetts, & TASO” and enter your information. 
The cost is only $40 for TASO members to receive full access to the site. And while you won’t receive the rules or mechanics books, you will receive access to a treasure chest of knowledge meant to make you the best official you can be.

Finally, we welcome anyone who is interested in officiating high school football.  All you need is a love/respect for the game, so don't hesitate any longer! 
Please see the "Become an Official" section of this website for further registration information

Why we do this...

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2022 Calendar 
The 2022 meeting and event calendar is located at the bottom of this page, as well as in the Officials area. 

1.  DUES
Renew your annual TASO Football membership dues here:

*** 2023 dues cannot be paid until approximately 1 Jaunuary ***
*NOTE:  You can also go to, click on "Member Services" then click on "Membership Renewal" to renew. 

Renew your San Antonio Football Chapter dues here:

You can also find that link in the Officials area.  Under the "Important Links" section, click on the "Chapter Annual Dues" button.  From there, you will have the option of paying via PayPal or check/cash/money order.

 2023 Conflict of Interest (COI) Certification
Pursuant to TASO Football Division Operating Procedures, members are required to submit in writing any potential Conflicts of Interest (COI) prior to any game assignments.  The COI certification form are available in our chapter website or your Arbiter main page.

2023 Crew Formation Application
If you are interested in forming a new 5-man or 7-man crew in 2023 or reforming your 2022 crew, please download and submit ASAP the required Crew Formation Application (available in our chapter website or your Arbiter main page). 
** Please note this is an application only, pending approval by the Board of Directors. 

Any questions about completing paperwork from the 2022 season, or preparing for the 2023 season can be addressed to your Division Representatives:
D1 - Fred Juarez
D2 - Chris White
D3 - Sherry Braun
D4 - Willie Gawlik
D5 - William Brown

NOTE:  For security reasons, all Zoom meeting links are located in the Members Section.  Please log-in there to see them.
Also, for any Zoom meeting, an email blast is sent to all members via Arbiter with the Zoom links.  If you do not receive this email, please contact your Div Rep ASAP so they can help rectify the problem (we are finding issues with some email addresses in Arbiter).



Other important updates and events:

1.  Please reference the emails sent out via Arbiter for ongoing training events.  If you have any questions, please contact your Division Representative.

The Young Guns Program is offering ongoing Zoom training which is beneficial for officials of all levels.  Please check your email for these dates/times.  Go to the Education tab (link below) for further training information, including the Young Guns program, led by Eric Smith.

*** The Official's section will have the actual links to chapter Zoom meetings. ***

 *** If you are not receiving emails via Arbiter regarding these dates and links, please contact your Division Rep to ensure you receive Arbiter blast emails. ***

Other important updates will be sent out via Arbiter and posted on this website.

  • For UIL updates, please go to:  


  • For TAPPS updates, please go to:  

  • For TASO updates, please go to:  

We encourage everyone to follow applicable health practices/guidelines, and we hope everyone remains safe and healthy during these challenging times.

If you have questions, please contact your Division Rep.

Latest News


** Please note that all General Meetings will be held at:

Alzafar Shrine Temple
901 N Loop 1604 W
San Antonio, TX  78232


Event Name
Event Date and Time
Event Location
Spring Meeting
11 April - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
Beau Hicks On-Field Clinic (5 pts)
San Antonio Regional Rules Clinic (3 pts)
11 June - 8:00 AM
Piper Bass MSC
2022 TASO State Football Meeting (up to 9 pts)
23 July, 2022
The Woodlands (see
General Meeting
1 August - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
General Meeting
8 August - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
District Meeting (2 points)
15 August - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
General Meeting
22 August - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
General Meeting
29 August - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
General Meeting
12 September - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
General Meeting
26 September - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
2022 Dick Keene Night (preceded by General Meeting)
10 October - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
General Meeting
24 October - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
Final 2022 General Meeting
7 November - 6:30 PM
Alzafar Shrine Temple
Local San Antonio Store NOW OPEN!
5123 N Loop 1604 W., Suite # 106, San Antonio Tx, 78249
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